Caitlyn Jenner and Amber Rose: Pop Culture Idols?

Pop used to be a term used to describe popular culture reflecting the taste of the general public. As I get older, I am really starting to become concerned with what the media believes to be the culture of the people. When I look at the high-profile figures such as Caitlyn Jenner and Amber Rose who miraculously remain in mainstream news every week, all I can say to myself is,”Oh, God.” What is the media aiming at the younger masses of people who will one day rule the world?

Caitlyn Jenner is a former gold Olympian who was born Bruce Jenner, married three times, fathered six children, and decided at the age of 65 to become a transgender. Believing since she was a young boy that there was a woman trapped inside of her, the world hailed Jenner as a hero for coming out publicly. Yes, that took courage, indeed. After much unhappiness, anger, and confusion misdirected at her three ex-wives and six children as a man, Jenner was finally free. She revealed a sexy Caitlyn to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine dressed in high-end fashions. Then she documented her painful yet victorious journey with her family on national television in a reality show simply titled I Am Cait.

Now many are wondering if I am homophobic or prejudiced against Jenner for her choice. No, I am not. My concern is that Jenner is still confused about who she is while force-feeding her confused stance into the younger and more impressionable generations. She claims to still be attracted to women, but she refuses to refer to herself as a lesbian. Jenner projects that she has it all figured out, but she made the fatal error of sharing her beliefs about gay marriage. In an interview that left talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres slightly confused, Jenner stated she believed in the tradition of marriage between a man and a woman. She did not support gay marriage. Now I am so confused. After much heat from the gay and lesbian community, she retracted that statement by stating the complete opposite – she supports anyone marrying whoever they love. Excuse me. What?

Then the media glorifies Amber Rose to be this “bad b*tch.” Oh! I should mention that is the title to her new book How To Be A Bad Bitch. I cannot wait to wrap this one up as a Christmas gift to my teenage nieces. Rose has been the epitome of womanhood to pop culture. The strikingly beautiful lady attained fame by being the girlfriend accompanying award-winning hip hop artist and producer Kanye West, who will be running in the 2020 presidential election, to red carpet events. Her shaven, blond head and curvaceous figure is a show stopper, but she does not sing, dance, act, write, or walk New York Fashion Week. She did, however, marry hip hop artist Wiz Khalifa and gave birth to their adorable son Sebastian. The former exotic dancer raised from humble beginnings in Pennsylvania was able to get her own sunglasses line called Amber Rose Eye Wear out of her Hollywood connections. With Nick Cannon managing her, the world awaits to see what Rose will bless us with next. We were all very surprised to learn that when she was not warring with the Kardashians on social media or twerking on Instagram for her fans’ amusement, Rose was penning memoirs teaching the next generation of young women on how she came to be a “bad b*tch” and how they should handle themselves to attain success.

Though I do believe Jenner and Rose can definitely share some inspiring stories with younger men and women on resilience, strength, and survival because I believe they are both very strong women, it does concern me that there are so many Caitlyn Jenner and Amber Rose figures in pop culture and not enough figures such as Malala Yousafzai being pumped into mainstream as another option to indulge in. Yousafzai is a young school girl who stood up against the Taliban for her right to an education that resulted in her being shot in the head. She survived the bullet wounds and went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her work around the world for education. Now Yousafzai…she is what I would call a “bad b*tch.” I would buy her book of memoirs and tune into her reality show every season. But I doubt pop culture is knocking on her door.