J. Yerger Performance Horses
Born and raised in Oley, PA., Jared Yerger has had a love
for horses since the age of 15. This interest led Jared to
horse related jobs on local farms, and eventually to bull
riding with his twin brother, Josh. After years of training
in a variety of equestrian disciplines he found that he
had a talent for breaking and training green horses.

Jared took advantage of opportunitities to go west to
work with horses in Arizona and Oklahoma. He started
young horses, did regular bronc and bull riding, and
trained cutting and reining horses. This experiance
inspired Jared to start his own training business, while
developing and refining his training methods and

Currently, Jared is breaking young horses for all
disciplines including western riding, hunters, race
horses, dressage and even ponies.  He also spends time
 training cutting, reining and pleasure horses. Western
riding lessons for pleasure or reining for children and
adults has also been added to his agenda.

Fox Hollow feels very fortunate to have Jared's
knowledge and expertise at our disposal.  We feel very
confident in his ability to get our young horses and
ponies started safely and correctly.

Training Board $750.00 per month
Feel free to get in touch to discuss training needs for your horse or pony.  
Well mannered stallions and problem horses are welcome, too.
Jared is available to start your youngsters, to retrain problem horses or to put the finishing
touches on an already started horse or pony.
Email Jared