Those interested in joining us for Pony Jockey Camp must meet the following criteria:

Jockeys must be able to catch ponies from the pasture and lead them to the barn.

Jockeys must be comfortable and confident around all different types of ponies in all
scenarios that could be encountered during daily life on the farm.

Jockeys must be able to groom and tack up without assistance.

Jockeys must ride at least on an advanced beginner level, i.e., they must walk, trot and
canter with confidence on all types of ponies.

Jockeys must be at least 8 years old. This camp will be suitable for riders up to 18
years old.  There will a diverse set of activities that will enable jockeys of varied ages to
participate in this camp.

Jockeys must have a good work ethic - this camp will be action packed and everyone
must be able to keep up with the program and be willing to work as part of a team.

Jockeys must be interested in learning and upgrading their skills.
Pony Jockey Camp Registration
To reserve space for your child please
submit the form below.  We do require a
$50.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit to
reserve space for your child.  Feel free to
use the paypal link below or you can call the
farm with credit card info or mail your check
to Fox Hollow Farm
271 Swinehart Rd.
Glenmoore, PA  19343

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