Top 10 Creepypastas of 2015

Creepypasta–another name for scary stories found on the internet. Some are longstanding urban legends while others are original creations like Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, and the Rake. When it’s late at night and you have nothing but the internet to keep you company, there’s nothing like passing the time scaring yourself to death with a good creepypasta.

Sites like the Nosleep subreddit and the Creepypasta Wiki provide opportunity for aspiring writers looking to test their prowess with home-spun yarn. New creepypastas are published all the time. Some inspire nightmares, some fall flat. These are the most fear inducing creepypastas to come out in 2015.

Molly Followed You

A bone-chilling cyber stalker story. If you’ve ever used Chat-Roulette or Snap Chat, this one may hit close to home.

It all starts when the narrator is killing time one weekend trying to meet interesting people on a cam site. He falls asleep and wakes up to the sight of a horrific, eerily smiling girl looking at him.

Soon, his long-distance admirer somehow finds him on social media to express her mortifying infatuation. Events continue to spiral until the finale, which will leave you perpetually wondering who’s watching you when you think you’re alone.

I’ve Been Getting Letters from the St. Louis Prison

One day, our narrator receives a surprise visit from a courier, who brings him a letter from an inmate on death row at the St. Louis prison. The sender’s letter instructs the narrator to read the entirety of the message in the presence of the courier.

The writings describe a demon known as Grimmdeed, who torments the inmate incessantly until he murders his own family, for which he’s incarcerated. As the story delves into the tortured man’s psyche, we learn that the narrator isn’t safe from the evil influence of Grimmdeed.

Midnight Dancer

There are lots of generic clown stories out there, but this brief pasta is fresh and disturbing. A man wakes up in the middle of the night with a feeling that something isn’t right. He looks out the window and sees a small clown dancing around in his yard.

Night after night, he watches the same clown perform his routine. Needless to say, things don’t turn out well for our narrator.

The Unseen

Our heroine gets a job as a security officer at the old courthouse. Strange occurrences start setting off the alarms, and the personnel fall under the possession of an unseen entity.

Everything builds up until all hell (literally) breaks loose in the story’s climax.

Something is Wrong

As a child, the narrator goes to visit his Aunt Clarissa, who he hadn’t seen in years. However, her two children act strangely and her husband is nowhere to be found. The narrator does his best to shrug off the bad feeling in his gut.

At night, he begins investigating sounds coming from the cupboard underneath the staircase. He ends up coming face to face with the stomach-churning explanation behind the strangeness at Aunt Clarissa’s house.

How to Talk to Yourself

After spending years searching for a mysterious pamphlet titled How to Talk to Yourself by Roger Harrison, he finally finds it on the street—and it forever changes his life.

The narrator follows the vague instructions in the pamphlet, coming ever closer to meeting the “special somebody in [his] lungs.” He’s immediately plagued by nightmares and weird happenings in his home. But by the time he decided he’s had enough, it’s too late.

No Right Turn on Red

After making an illegal right turn at a red light, the narrator runs over a young girl. However, she disappears when police arrive. Every night after work thereafter, the narrator is confronted by the same red light and the same accident in a Twilight Zone-esque mind boggler.

The Birds are Singing

A young boy moves into a new house with his mother and sister. His sister meets a new imaginary friend, which turns out to be a supernatural entity with sinister plans for the girl and mother. Our narrator can only stand by and watch as a tragedy unfolds around him.

And the Beat Goes On

When we think of death, we either imagine some kind of afterlife or else a complete lack thereof.

But what if there were something in between? In this hair-raising what if story, we’re presented with a death situation in which we die–but continue conscious, forever trapped to our bodies.

My Brother Died When he was a Child and He Kept Talking

Without a doubt the best title on this list, and perhaps one of the greatest creepypastas ever written.

In this story, which presents horrific cosmic imagery the likes of which H.P. Lovecraft would be proud, the narrator’s twin brother passes away due to cancer–but somehow continues talking. An ultra confidential government organization shows up to handle the situation, asking the narrator to listen into his brother’s descriptions of the nightmarish afterlife. This yarn stands as a proof that even short internet stories can be breeding ground for great lit.

If it’s late at night and you have no one to hang out with, fire up the computer or smartphone and have a look at some of these. Just be warned: you may want to leave the light on.