Top Pop Culture Halloween Costumes for 2015

Halloween costume sales have been booming in the last couple of years. In addition to traditional Halloween costumes, many costume shops have introduced pop culture costumes, which were made famous throughout the year. Back when the Jersey Shore came out, costume companies sold Snooki and The Situation costumes for men and women, while others chose to make their own Jersey Shore costumes at home. Whether you decide to buy your costume or make a do it yourself costume, there are several popular choices from 2015 pop culture. Some of these choices are even looked at as offensive, but there are still individuals who will end up wearing these costumes.

Black & Blue or Gold & White

One of the biggest debates of 2015 was whether a dress posted on a social media site was gold and white or black and blue. Many people argued that they saw one color over the other, and several wonder why this phenomenon was occurring. Scientists, of course, got down to the bottom of it, and determined the way the lighting was in the picture determined whether your eyes see black and blue or gold and yellow. Even though it has been a couple of months, the famous dress from 2015 is making an appearance for the Halloween season. Costume companies have created a dress that is half gold and white, half black and blue. You are sure to see a few women dressed in this strapless dress that left the social media world in a frenzy.

Bruce Jenner/ Caitlyn Jenner

Probably the most offensive costume for 2015 is the Bruce Jenner/ Caitlyn Jenner transgender change costume. It was known for months that Bruce Jenner was going through some personal changes in his appearance. Many believed that he considered himself transgender and was transitioning from male to female. In July of this year, Jenner came out to the world in an inspirational Vanity Fair cover, which showed off her new, female gender identification. He was no longer Bruce, but rather she was Caitlyn. The Vanity Fair cover shows Caitlyn in lingerie, showing the world she is now a woman. Unfortunately, costume shops are advertising this lingerie costume, which is geared toward men to wear on Halloween. There are also “old” Bruce costumes, which showcase his medals and Olympic Track outfit. Although this costume is offensive to many, you might want to be prepared to see this costume if you are going to a public place on Halloween.

Subway Pizza Rat

A viral video was posted to social media in September of this year, which showed a small rat carrying a full slice of pizza down the stairs of a subway station in New York City. This has sparked the idea of a couple’s themed costume. One person can dress as rat/ mouse, while the other is a piece of pizza. Together they form the infamous subway rat from late this year!

Donald Trump

Nobody really knew how serious Donald Trump was when he stated he was going to run for President in 2016. With the Republican Debate and hearing his name in the news, Donald Trump is sure to be a popular costume for 2015. All you need for the costume is a simple suit and a wig of Trump’s hair. Costume shops are actually selling wigs intimidating Donald Trump’s “crazy” hairstyle. Hats stating “Make America Great Again” can also be added to your costume for a truly authentic Trump look.


Back in January the New England Patriots were found to have tampered with footballs used during a game against the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots ended up moving on to the Superbowl and winning the championship. After the game, officials began looking into accusations of deflating footballs for better performance. It was announced that Tom Brady would be suspended from only four games for the upcoming season. Many saw this as not harsh enough, and those might be the people who wear the deflated football costume this year. Yes, costume companies have come up with a deflated looking football costume for men to wear for Halloween. Make it a bro couple costume and have one person dress as the football and the other dress as Tom Brady. You are sure to see a costume relating to this scandal this Halloween.

Back To the Future

October 21st, 2015 is the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to the future in the movie Back to the Future II. 2015 looked like a crazy place with flying cars and crazy technology. Although our technology has come a long way, today’s 2015 is nothing like the movie. Some fans of the movie are preparing their Back to the Future Halloween Costumes based off of the movie. Of course you can go as the famous Marty or Doc, but some others are getting a group together to dress in attire that people from the future dressed up in, in the movie. Movie costumes are always a fun idea, but this one is especially perfect for Halloween because of the iconic movie date!

Halloween offers adults a night of fun, even if they don’t get to go trick or treating. Dressing up in famous pop culture costumes remains popular every Halloween. There are sure to be many offensive costumes from pop culture this year (Cecil the Lion was one we didn’t even want to mention). Just be careful with what you choose to wear this Halloween. We look forward to the fun pop culture costumes that will come out for 2016!